Thursday, June 05, 2008

MC Lars Video Podcast (Episode 15: "White Kids Aren't Hyphy")

This month's podcast is a video for the second single from MC Lars's upcoming record, "This Gigantic Robot Kills." Directed by Timothy Thompson and Odin Wadleigh, "White Kids Aren't Hyphy" is a satirical look at Bay Area hip-hop culture. Watch as Lars ghostrides his Prius down Lombard Street! Thanks to Skee-Lo for inspiring the hook. You can download it here.

MC Lars Video Podcast (Episode 14: GIAN 2008)

Highlights from our experience at the Give it a Name, the annual punk/emo/hardcore festival in London and Sheffield. Watch as Lars interacts with British fans, interviews friends, and shares the stage with legendary Preston hardcore act Failsafe. Listen closely for the Blur reference. You can download it here.