Sunday, October 21, 2007

MC Lars Video Podcast (Episode 11: Backstage in New Jersey)

This moth we're coming at you from backstage at Ramapo College in New Jersey, where we played a show with Bayside. Featured in this podcast are Matt from Wheatus and Mike from the Teenage Girls. Watch it here!

MC Lars Video Podcast (Episode 10: Dead Kennedys Props)

This month I give props to one of my favorite bands ever, the Dead Kennedys. I talk about why they were important and analyze some of Jello's famous stage moves. Watch it here!

MC Lars Video Podcast (Episode 9: "Cat Got Your Tongue?")

We had a day off in Boston and filmed some animal footage at the Boston science museum. Prepare yourself for some educational experiences as I interview a giant marine toad, a prairie dog, a duck, and my friend Mike Russo from the band Teenage Girls. Watch it here!

MC Lars Video Podcast (Episode 8: Cartel's Band in a Bubble)

Lars emulates his heroes Cartel, when they went into Dr. Pepper's "Band in a Bubble" to record more challenging, interesting music. By becoming the first "One Man Band in a Box", Lars makes music history. He records a song for Mountain Dew to express his love for the soda. Produced with and directed by Tim Thompson. Watch the video here.